Img in USA-P

Kanji うさP
Romaji Usa-P
Gender Male
Eye Color Black
Occupation Mascot
Personal Status
Status Active
Seiyu Yoshino Hiroyuki
Media Debut
Anime Episode 1
Usa-P (うさP) is the one of the mascots of the series. He became the mascot of Komugi Yoshida  because of her act of kindness.


Typically appears as a toy bunny with a pink bow-tie and pink hat with a star on it. When concealing his appearance, he takes the form of a hair bret on Komugi's left pigtail.



Komugi- Selected her as his Tombo-E Girl. Hangs out with her constantly until his mission is complete, alerting her if there is a monster nearby and helping her to capture it.

Tanu-P- Rival in collecting Fan-C cards

Neko-P- Rival in collecting Fan-C cards

Hime-P- Queen of Fanta-C World that gave Usa-P the task of collecting Fan-C cards in return for her praise.


  • In the final episode, he is shown in a humanoid form that mirrors as a male version of Komugi's Magical Nurse transformation.


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