Kisaragi Tsukasa


Kanji 如月 司
Romaji Kisaragi Tsukasa
Gender Female
Age 14
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Yellow
Hobbies Baking
Occupation Student

Tombo-E Girl

Personal Status
Media Debut
Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 1
Tsukasa Kisaragi (如月 司 Kisaragi Tsukasa) is one of the main characters of the Nurse Witch Komugi-chan R series. She joined Kokona and Komugi in Episode 3 as a Tombo-E Girl known as the Magical Sister.


Normally, she has short hair with a cross bret on her right side, wearing what is often considered male clothing in public (with the exception of her school uniform, which includes bike shorts under her skirt). When transformed, Tsukasa has long hair, that goes down to her waist and wears a outfit that looks similar to a loli goth dress, taking elements from traditional garb of Catholic Sisters (collar, crosses, darker colors, etc.) with white cat ears and a tail.


She generally emulates a tomboy persona in public and to her fans, secretly hiding her love of things cute and girly. Her hidden side comes out more through her experiences as Magical Sister, much to her pure enjoyment.


Neko-P- Mascot and the one to give Tsukasa the ability to transform into Magical Sister.

Komugi - They initially work various idol jobs together, eventually becoming close friends as the series progresses. Early on, she was jealous of Komugi's relationship with Yuto, eventually realizing that the two merely had a brother-sister-like relationship.

Kokona -They initially costar in various idol jobs together, eventually becoming close friends as the series progresses.

Yuto- A male idol that she frequently works with. She secretly has a crush on him, acting on her feelings as her alter ego Magical Sister.



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