This is the rules page for this wikia. This is recommended for new users. If you're not following these rules. There WILL be consequences. If you have a question about these rules, or If you'd like to request a rule, Please tell your rule to an admin or PriPara(Founder).

Just make sure to follow these rules, and you'll have a great time here!

Rules Edit

  • Don't be rude; Try to talk to these users like you would outside of this wikia. Try not to be rude to anyone. More importantly, don't cuss here. Words like the f-word, the b-word, etc. are definitely considered cuss words. Words like "Hell" used in "What the hell?", are considered bad here. Words like "Damn." or "Damn it!" Are not considered bad here.
  • Treat these users as if they were your friends. Try not to judge other users. Treat them as if they're your friends, even if they seem irrelevant or somehow annoying to you.
  • NO vandalism. Please, please, please. Don't ruin a WHOLE page that we have been working on. If that happens, we'd have to start ALL OVER AGAIN and if a user does it, It's an instant ban.
  • No plagiarism. If you see other wikias are stealing things from our pages without asking us first, then please contact an admin immediately. Taking templates and changing them to fit another wiki is forbidden, and if you report to me someone doing it, then I'll check and if they're correct, that person gets a warning. 
  • Don't give out personal information. - Do not give out personality information. Birthdays are fine. Countrys are fine, etc. DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR ADDRESS.

Rules of da Witches editing Edit

  • Grammar. Please, if you don't understand English, and your info in pages are only half correct due to grammar, please tell an admin to correct your mistakes.
  • Reread. Please check over your edits before submitting; it makes an admin's cleanup job a lot easier.
  • Fanart Rules - Fanart is allowed on Character Art pages, If it is inappropriate, It's an Instant Ban.
  • Have enough information. Please don't start a page halfway, or make a random page and do nothing for it. Have enough info for a page.