Kanji ねこ P
Romaji Neko-P
Gender Male
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Black
Occupation Mascot
Personal Status
Status Active
Media Debut
Anime Episode 3


Neko-P (ねこ P) is the one of the mascots of the series. He became the mascot of Tsukasa Kisaragi because of her hidden feminine nature, offering her the chance to become Magical Sister.)

Appearance Edit

Typically appears as a toy cat wearing a red bow and a yellow bell. When concealing his appearance, he takes the form of an earring on Tsukasa's left ear.

Personality Edit

Relationships Edit

Tsukasa- Selected her as his Tombo-E Girl. Hangs out with her constantly until his mission is complete, alerting her if there is a monster nearby and helping to capture it.

Usa-P- Rival in collecting Fan-C cards.

Tanu-P- Rival in collecting Fan-C cards.

Hime-P- Queen of Fanta-C World that gave Neko-P the task of collecting Fan-C cards in return for her praise.

Trivia Edit

  • In the final episode, he is shown in a humanoid form that mirrors as a male version of Tsukasa's Magical Sister transformation.

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