Komugi Yoshida


Kanji 小麦吉田
Romaji Yoshida Komugi
Gender Female
Age 14
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Pink
Favorite Food Japanese Sweets
Occupation Student

Tombo-E Girl

Personal Status
Status Active
Seiyu Kei Tomoe
Media Debut
Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 1
Komugi Yoshida (小麦吉田 Yoshida Komugi) is the main character of the Nurse Witch Komugi-Chan R series. A 14-year-old cosplayer and training idol, who transforms into Tombo-E Girl Magical Nurse. She works for a talent agency called Kiri Pro, where she acts and endorses (usually while wearing silly looking costumes).


When she's not transformed, her pink pigtails are tied back with yellow ribbons. While transformed, she has bunny ears on top of her head and red ribbons in her hair along with a nurse headband. Her outfit has various other nurse's uniform elements (first-aid kit, thermometer, gloves, etc.) as well as bunny, wing, and night sky decorations.


Komugi has a bright and cheerful personality, and is a bit of a klutz. She is nice to everyone, and always lends out a hand. Her cooking skills are somewhat unusual and lead to haphazard and dangerous results. In Episode 1, she is shown to have good first aid skills when helping a hurt Usa-P, caring for him and wrapping him in a bandage, likely something she picked up from her parents at their clinic.


Usa-P- Mascot and the one to give Komugi the power to transform into Magical Nurse.

Kokona Saionji - Her best friend and fellow idol at Kiri Pro. She looks up to her and is the reason she started working at the agency. They are very close, though neither knows the other is a Tombo-E Girl.

Tsukasa Kisaragi - They initially work various idol jobs together, eventually becoming close friends as the series progresses. Komugi was the first to find out about her secret girly side.

Yuto- A childhood friend that also works as an idol.


  • Her Zodiac sign is Sagittarius.
  • Her favorite food is Japanese Sweets.


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