Kokona Saionji


Kanji 西園寺 ココナ
Romaji Saionji Kokona
Gender Female
Age 14
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blue
Occupation Student

Tombo-E Girl

Personal Status
Media Debut
Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 1
Kokona Saionji (西園寺 ココナ Saionji Kokona) is one of the main characters of the Nurse Witch Komugi-Chan R series. She's Komugi Yoshida's idolmate, schoolmate, and friend. She also becomes the second Tombo-E Girl, Magical Maid.


Kokona appears to have short hair that's a dark shade of blue, and the same color eyes. She also has yellow ribbons attached to her hair on both sides of her head. She is shown in episode 2 to wear glasses when at home. When transformed, she wears a maid outfit with a brown tanuki tail and ears.


Kokona is shown to have a gentle personality. She's nice to everyone especially Komugi, her best friend. Her voice appears to be gentle as well. Kokona is also smart, and is shown to get everything right on the dot. When she transforms, she shows a more confident side of herself and appears to be very bold. She will also occasionally bring out a more maniacal side of her personality while transformed, subsequently forgetting what she did while in that state.


Tanu-P- Mascot and the one to give Kokona the power to transform into Magical Maid.

Komugi Yoshida - Her best friend and idol mate.

Tsukasa Kisaragi - Fellow idol that she regularly costars with in various acting jobs, eventually becoming close friends as the series progresses.


  • Kokona has a goal - To be the #1 Idol.

Gallery Edit

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