This is a list of all the Nurse Witch Komugi-chan R episodes.

# Episode Title Insert Song Air Date
1 まじかるナース, 誕生!

Magical Nurse, Tanjou!
Episode 01 - The Birth of the Magical Nurse!

The Magic That Connects Hearts to Hearts 1-10-2016

Komugi Yoshida is an energetic and slightly clumsy second year middle school student living in Shitamachi City. She and her classmate Kokona work as idols, but compared to the explosively popular Kokona Saionji, Komugi only manages to find dull jobs. Despite this, she continues to enjoy working as an idol while attending middle school. One day, an injured mysterious creature known as Usa-P appears before her. When Komugi administers first aid, Usa-P is impressed by her kindness and asks Komugi to become a legendary girl...

2 ストーカー!? ここなちゃん危機一髪!

Stalker!? Kokona-chan Kikiippatsu!
Episode 02 - Stalker?! Kokona-chan's Close Call!

Be Free! 1-17-2016

At school Kokona Saionji is the student council president who gets excellent grades, and as an idol she is a perfect superhuman who is attractive as well as a talented singer, dancer, and actress. She's even an earnest hard worker. But lately a suspicious shadow has been following her... The shadow follows Kokona to her school dorm, on her way to school, her classroom, and even work. Is the shadow a stalker? Or... While this is happening, Kokona is hired for a traffic safety event. The suspicious shadow approaches Kokona and even follows her into her anteroom at the event! What is Kokona's fate...?!

3 まじかるシスター登場!

Magical Sister Toujou!

Irodzukunegai 1-24-2016

Komugi and Kokona gather Fan-C Cards as the Tombo-E Girls. One day, they head to the location where a monster was detected, only to find that it's already been defeated. It seems there is a third Tombo-E Girl... Komugi's classmate Tsukasa Kisaragi is a popular cross-dressing idol belonging to the major talent agency "Kiri Pro." Because Kiri Pro prioritizes work, she hardly ever comes to school, but when she does, she's incredibly popular. Everyone gossips about who is Tsukasa's true love. Meanwhile, Tsukasa has a secret she can't tell anyone...

4 お江戸屋敷でくノ一にんにん!

Oedo Yashiki de Kunoichi Ninnin!
Episode 04 - Kunoichi at the Edo Mansion!

TBA 1-31-2016

Shitamachi City's amusement park "Shitamachi Edo Mansion" decides to hold a "Miss Kunoichi Contest" to celebrate their one hundredth anniversary. Komugi is excited to participate when she learns the winner will get to model for Edo Mansion's new sign. Everywhere and every hour, she practices her ninja training. The day of the event, Komugi's family comes to cheer her on. Her training pays off, and she makes it through the preliminary round, but the pressure of the final round has her paralyzed. Kokona and Yuto try to get her back to her usual self, but...

5 お勉強会でトラブルランデブー

Obenkyoukai de Trouble Rendezvous
Episode 05 - Trouble Rendezvous at a Study Party

TBA 2-07-2016

Komugi is overjoyed when she receives a part in a drama. However, when Ai sees the terrible score she received on a test, she threatens to cancel her role unless she studies properly. Unless she passes all her upcoming exams in every subject, she won't be able to appear in the drama, so Komugi asks Kokona to help her study. They invite Tsukasa and Yuto as well, making the study party very lively. While outwardly everyone appears to be having fun studying, inside their various thoughts are stirring...

6 人生はポロリーゼ

Jinsei wa Pororize
Episode 06 - Mishaps Are Life

TBA 2-14-2016

Komugi and her friends are chosen to participate in a swim meet being held in the middle of winter. Yuto is in low spirits because he actually can't swim. Meanwhile, Tsukasa is in low spirits for her own reason as well. Komugi mistakenly believes Tsukasa is interested in Buri bara cards and visits Tsukasa to give her one of Kotaro's duplicate cards and accidentally discovers Tsukasa's secret. Flustered that her secret has been exposed, she tells Komugi she'll reveal her secret herself to keep her quiet...

7 走れここな, 愛と涙のマラソン大会

Hashire Kokona, Ai to Namida no Marathon Taikai
Episode 07 - Run, Kokona: Marathon of Love and Tears

TBA 2-21-2016
8 優斗, 恋のからまわり

Yuuto, Koi no Karamawari
Episode 08 - Yuto's Fruitless Romantic Endeavor

TBA 2-28-2016
9 さようなら, 小麦ちゃん

Sayounara, Komugi-chan
Episode 09 - Goodbye, Komugi-chan

The Magic That Connects Hearts to Hearts 3-06-2016
10 ツカサのミラクルホワイトデー

Tsukasa no Miracle White Day
Episode 10 - Tsukasa`s Miracle White Day

TBA 3-13-2016
11 超新星リリア, スパーキング!

Choushinsei Lilia, Sparking!
Episode 11 - Supernova Lilia, Sparking!

Crush Dreamer 3-20-2016
12 Rを継ぐもの

R o Tsugu Mono
Episode 12 - She Who Succeeds R

Starlight Start

Crush Dreamer